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About Us

BeeImpish is our trademark trading under our company, RitaTherese Creations. This company has its roots from a long standing passion for a nostalgic era with its wholesome values. From a young age I was drawn to those things that represented family, relationship and linking of generations. I watched my grandmother using her hands to create a legacy to leave with her children and grandchildren. Then, seeing my mother following in this same path captured me, pulling me into the web of creativity and the intergenerational bond that we shared in this process. This thread of family across the generations was symbolised in the things we had created.

As I grew and developed in this process I delighted in sharing what I had created with family and friends. The delight in their eyes when they received such a gift was very rewarding. Many commented on how they treasured these gifts as they ‘seemed to symbolise something more’. My instincts were confirmed when I began to explore the ‘something more’ and found it to be centred around a nostalgic longing for values and a sense of belonging which people yearned for.This was reflected in the uniqueness of each gift, in the time spent to create something with thought and love and with the enduring quality in both the product and what it represented.

Gradually people began to request customised items. I began to sense a stirring within me to respond to this yearning for something that reflected these values. …something handcrafted with love; something unique; something with enduring quality constructed with care; something that captured the essence of lasting relationships passed from one generation to another.

And so…..BeeImpish was birthed.