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As a past recipient of one of my quilts you will be aware of the passion I have for sharing my creativity through this media. The joy of playing with colour and design and creating something to bring pleasure for my family and friends has long been an interest I have pursued.
Simmering under the surface has been a long term desire to be able to share this further afield. In light of this I have recently launched a business as an avenue to funnel my produce and share my passion. My business name is RitaTherese Creations and my Trademark is Bee Impish.
I am currently focusing on coordinated children’s bedrooms. The product line incorporates:-
• Fitted sheets
• Sheet sets including fitted sheet and coordinated flat sheet
• Pillow cases
• Quilts
• Cushions
• Miscellaneous coordinated items such as bunting

I am also trialling totes, tablecloths and table placemats. I will be refining my product line according to customer demand. All products can be custom made to suit customer requirements or preferences.
As a previous recipient of a gifted quilt I was wondering if you would mind spreading the word to any of your friends or family about what I offer.
I can be found at the following places:-

These items are unique, some are one item only available.

For customized items contact
email BeeImpish at
Beeimpish gmail.com
or messenger.
Facebook Beeimpish
• facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Beeimpish/?fref=nf
• Twitter – Rita T.C @BeeImpish
• Email – beeimpish@gmail.com
• Phone – 0412 220 177
I would really value your support ad thank you in advance. If people mention to me that you have referred them I have a very cute ‘thank you’ gift which I am excited to share with you.
Thank you again,
Rita Rosehr